Bicycle Tours 


Vila Perast provides and stores for our guests a selection of mountain and electric bikes to allow you to explore Perast and the surrounding coast safely and sustainably. For our more adventurous guests guided tours will be organised in the surrounding scenic mountain routes. Vila Perast is equipped to provide guides, transportation, and logistics for our cycle loving guests. 



Unknown to many Tara River Canyon is the longest canyon in Montenegro, spanning 82km, 1300m below sea level, making it the deepest river canyon in Europe and second deepest in the world after Grand Canyon. Found in Durmitor National Park this landmark offers the perfect opportunity for an adrenaline filled day of rafting. Vila Perast is happy to customise this experience to suit your and your group needs. 

Boat Tours 


Make the most of the majestic Kotor Bay with Vila Perast’s private 7-meter boat equipped with sunshade tent, shower, toilet and a skipper at your disposal. Tours are available for both, individuals and groups as each tour can be tailored to your needs. Anything from a ride to Perast’s two islets to a full day exploring the bay with lunch aboard is at your disposal. 

Historical Lens 


Our partner certified guides are at your disposable to immerse you in the local historical beauties surrounding Perast, offering guided tours in 8+ languages. 

*Booking in advance is recommended, we are at your disposal for queries and price lists at