Vila Perast

Vila Perast is a sustainable boutique hotel located in the heart of Perast, Montenegro. Vila Perast is a UNESCO protected, 15th century palace with direct access to the sea. 

Formerly Hotel Fjord in the 1970’s and historically the accommodation of Pope’s and Archbishops during the Venetian rule of Montenegro, in 2022 Vila Perast reopened its doors after an extensive renovation. The new life of this historical building is marked by sustainability while maintaining and enhancing its rich history. Every element of the renovated Vila Perast was hand built with locally sourced material and expert artisans ensuring the highest level of quality and historical continuity.  

Vila Perast offers versatile indoor and outdoor dining and entertainment spaces for holidays, dining, weddings, expositions and events. During the spring you will find our outdoor entertainment terrace covered by a lilac Wistera from the 200 year old tree on the property. 

Vila Perast offers exceptional service, an immersive history, locally sourced menu prepared by Italian chefs and uncompromised views of the Adriatic Sea. 

Open April through November. We look forward to welcoming you. 


Vila Perast, is located in Perast, a UNESCO protected, historical strip in the heart of Kotor Bay. Find us 12km from Kotor, 19.7km from Tivat Airport, 58.7km from Dubrovnik Airport, and 98.7km from Podgorica Airport. Perast can be reached by land or sea. 

Surrounded by mountains, while boasting a 40 meter deep sea level, Perast is living juxtaposition. We are proud to enjoy 240 days of sun a year and the chance to be entertained, visit historical sights while making the most of a sea-side holiday. 

Perast overlooks the islets of St. George, a 12th century Christian monastery and Our Lady of the Rocks, a 14th century artificial island built by the Venetians in honour of the Virgin Mary. Vila Perast overlooks these two island monasteries, that are among Montenegro’s holiest and most ancient sights. 

Perast, while being commonly known for being the home and inspiration to writers, philosophers and thinkers of former Yugoslavia is a few km away from all the entertainment Montenegro has to offer. 

Let yourself be cradled by the scenic sunsets, baroque architecture and the calmness of the sea while being able to opt into so much more from our strategic location. 

600,000 people, 294km of coastline, a UNESCO protected bay. Welcome to Montenegro, welcome to the Adriatic Sea.